Where can i buy cigarettes?

This is because they are not allowed to sell tobacco to minors. Bars, the news agents or from the duty free shop. You can spot these by looking for a blue sign bearing a white T pictured. Where to buy cigarettes in Rome. Cigarettes in Italy are a regulated market. Having said all that it is possible to buy e cigarettes in stores if you really dont want to do the transaction online. Many of cigarettes these do have 24hour vending machines facing the street. However, a kind Roman will eventually take pity on you. A mouthpiece and a place where the liquid that is vaporized is stored. Cigarettes may only be purchased at a licensed tobacconist. If you are having problems with the machines in the Metro station. You can buy, in fact theres at least one online tabaccaio in Rome which sells cigarettes and still sells boxes of salt at Piazzale di Ponte Milvio if youre interested in visiting. Some cafs, but get like papers that look like real cigarets. The online stores that sell e cigarettes will often give you information on all the models that you can choose from and suggest the best ones. It is difficult to find menthol cigarettes in Italy. Since the device is a bit more complicated than a regular tobacco cigarette. Specialty shops that sell tobacco and cigars may also carry electronic cigarettes.


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